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Editing this file

If you have received props since r15275, you can edit your line (or add it if it’s missing) in the Markdown source file at Google Docs. To add a comment, use HTML comment notation. A few examples:

*   [azaozz (Andrew Ozz)](http://www.laptoptips.ca/) <!--This is a comment!-->
*   [demetris](http://op111.net/)
*   [ozh](http://ozh.org/) ([prof](http://profiles.wordpress.org/ozh "ozh at WordPress"))

Or leave a comment below and I’ll do it for you. :-)

Comments (8)

  1. Out of curiosity where does the URL come from? Not that I’m particularly bothered. I changed mine all over WP.org to get away from my old URL — if you don’t mind, could you look-up me and change it to the URL used here please, and thanks?! :)

  2. demetris says:


    To answer your question, the list is put together manually for the most part. (I don’t know if there is an automatic way to get homepage URLs reliably for all contributors.)

    If there is a homepage URL on the WP profile page, I take it from there. If not, I look at other places around WP.org.

    For people that were also in the 3.0 list, I used the same line as in 3.0, but I haven’t checked yet if these URLs from the 3.0 list are still the same. That’s why I had your old homepage. :-)

  3. Thanks for that Demetris! :) I was more or less just really curious and all that having seen the 3.0 list use what is now an old URL, but I think I changed sometime around the release? LOL

    Appreciate the explanation too, and all the work you put into making the list of contributers for WordPress, especially now that I know you do this manually (I honestly thought it was some kind of script!)

  4. Doug says:

    I’m sorry; I can’t get into the Markdown file. I’m dougwrites and would like to add my real name (Doug Provencio) and website (http://www.writinghere.com/).


  5. demetris says:

    Done! Your details are now updated.

    I also fixed the link to the Markdown file.

    Thanks for stopping by! Talking with people who contribute to WordPress is always a pleasure.

  6. Ben Huson says:

    Thanks for the credit but your keyboard must be typing ‘a’ instead of ‘u’ :)

    hasobj (Ben Hason) http://profiles.wordpress.org/users/hasobj

    Should be:

    husobj (Ben Huson) http://profiles.wordpress.org/users/husobj


  7. demetris says:

    @Ben: Argh! They are not even close on the keyboard. :-D Fixed.

  8. Awesome wrap-up Demetris!

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