What is a stupid person

A stupid person is someone who thinks other people are stupid.

(This has been my working definition of stupidity for the last 10 years or so. It has served me well.)

Extra Options v0.0.1: A plugin for WordPress

I am happy to announce the first public release of Extra Options, a simple plugin for WordPress.

Extra Options offers a collection of tweaks I have been using myself here and elsewhere, and that I decided to wrap in a easy-to-install plugin with a nice interactive UI.

Read more at the Extra Options homepage: op111.net/code/xo

Get Extra Options from WordPress Extend: wordpress.org/extend/plugins/xo

Please note that v0.0.1 is the first public release of Extra Options and is not considered stable. In other words, it is not expected to be without errors or to work well in every WordPress setup.

Your feedback is appreciated!

User interfaces and the written word

A friend asked me why I put so much emphasis on text when I talk about user interfaces. I cannot give a better answer myself: More 

WordPress 3.0: What’s new

UPDATE. WordPress 3.0 was released today, Thursday 17 June 2010. Get it here or upgrade automatically!

The first release candidate of WordPress 3.0 came out on 28 May 2010. The second followed a week after that, and the final release is expected sometime after 14 June 2010.

WordPress 3.0 is a large release. The codebase underwent more changes than in any previous version (about 2700 sets of changes at this moment), and more people than ever before (above 200) contributed changes directly. However, for the most part the changes are not immediately obvious. More 

Making clean archives for distribution on Mac OS X

Looking at a ticket on the WordPress bug tracker yesterday, I was reminded of a little thing that can be a problem when you use OS X to generate archives for distribution. More