Two abstract translucent wallpapers for Linux

The two wallpapers I like most on Linux. Both are translucent and can be set to any colour. The first is SVG, the second PNG. “Tentacles” was part of gnome-backgrounds for quite some time. It was removed in GNOME 2.24. I have never used translucent backgrounds in Windows or OS X, and have no idea if or how it is possible. If you know, please leave a comment.


By: Lapo Calamandrei and Andreas Nilsson

Tentacles in its default green (#366b04). Sometimes I try other colours, but I always return to the default.

Tentacles in “Plum” (#5c3566, Tango Palette).

Panels Transparent

By: Kijun Moon

Panels Trasparent in “Aluminium” (#888a85, Tango Palette).

Panels Trasparent in “Chameleon” (#4e9a06, Tango Palette).

The colour palette of the Tango Project.
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