Firefox 15, text-transform, font-variant και ελληνικά

Με αρχή από την έκδοση 15, που κυκλοφορεί επίσημα στις 28 Αυγούστου 2012, ο Firefox θα τηρεί τους κανόνες του ελληνικού τονισμού όταν εκτελεί τις εντολές text-transform:uppercase και font-variant:small-caps της γλώσσας CSS.

Με την αλλαγή αυτή ο Firefox γίνεται ο πρώτος—και μοναδικός μέχρι σήμερα— πλοηγός που μετασχηματίζει σωστά μέσω των εντολών text-transform και font-variant ελληνικό κείμενο από πεζά ή μεικτά γράμματα σε μεγαλογράμματη γραφή. More 

Flashing your BIOS from Linux with flashrom

Sometimes in Linux things are easier than you think. I needed to upgrade the BIOS of a Linux machine and I was not optimistic. On top of the usual issue—what to do in Linux with the Windows executables that motherboard manufacturers provide—, the machine did not have a CD-ROM drive or a floppy drive. More 

Edit the PATH environment variable in Windows without pain

Editing the PATH environment variable in Windows is an unpleasant experience. First, it takes several steps to get to the interface. Second, the interface is impossible: More 

WordPress 3.1: What’s new

UPDATE 2011-02-23. WordPress 3.1 was released today! Official Announcement.

The first release candidate of WordPress 3.1 came out in 25 December 2010, and the final release is now close.

Coming 6 months after 3.0, a version that brought many major changes, including the merge with WordPress MU, version 3.1 is not as ambitious in scope. One reason for this is that development time in this cycle was divided between WordPress itself and the official Wordpress site,, which received several updates and improvements.

Even so, WordPress 3.1 represents a large amount of work and brings hundreds of fixes and improvements, large and small, as well as a considerable number of additions, three among which stand out: AJAX-powered lists in all administration areas, advanced taxonomy queries and meta queries, and a new Network Admin area (for multi-site installations). More 

Autotranslated themes and plugins for WordPress: An idea

If you have translated, or prepared for translation, more than a couple of WordPress themes and plugins, there are two things you must have noticed:

  1. WordPress has a good system of internationalization and localization
  2. The translation material can become repetitive

This first is, to my mind, one of the things that have made WordPress so popular. It is also one of the reasons we see some popular plugins and themes published in as many as 20 or 30 different languages. More